Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Starting this shit right!

Hello! Greetings from Kansas! I decided to finally make a blog:) (don't worry its not going to be about Kansas, I promise). I have been inspired by quite a few of the blogs I have visited so it is my hope that I, in return can inspire a few of you...whoever you may be! Usually I visit blogs that involve baking, art, fashion, and music, so you can expect to see a combination of all that tight ass shit here. I could only think of one way to properly begin creme de la etrange...with a day's worth of Tim Burton sketches! I found a few of my favorite sketches/drawings he created and took a couple of hours today to sketch them in hope of catching a glimpse into a mind of a creative genius and to make my bulletin board look that much weirder;)

by the way the skeleton eating potato chips isn't a tim burton sketch but its tight none the less



  1. I luv those sketches! Overall the last one.

  2. nice drawings keep it up give me u r email id you have facebook? pls contact me